Monday, November 26, 2007

Passion and Stubborn Belief

"If you build it, they may not come, but shouldn't you build it anyway? I mean - a baseball field in the middle of a corn field? That's passion and stubborn belief, baby. That's just badass." - Don Hall

He wrote one of those blogs today that just makes me want to cheer, run around my apartment like a spazz one or two times screaming "Fuck All!" and, well, quote him on our blog. Whenever it comes down to the homegrown, DIY mentality ... I get very excited because I feel that brand of theatre makes very fascinating stuff. You can watch your ginormos like "Phantom of the Opera" until the cows come home (which I'm seeing on Friday for the umpteenth time, I must admit - it's my early birthday present from Chris ... I'm like a pig to slaughter sometimes for the big musicals, but POTO was the show that made me want to do theatre in the first place) or you can sit and watch something a little more dangerous, a little more fresh, a little more fleeting and feel just as energized if not more because you're watching something that is being put on for very little, but the heart size and the commitment is so much more .... I love our storefront Chicago scene, as you well know ... I know that we might rehearse in our apartment, our basement, our backyard, what have you (and I really hope our actors don't mind - we have a very spacious and comfortable apartment which we decided to use because of those very reasons when we were considering whether or not to keep our rehearsal space) ... but I know that our actors' talent and everyone's professionalism are just as great as any other show ... we just don't have the bottom dollar sometimes, but .... we'll try to prove to you otherwise to the best of our ability. Anyway ....

Good stuff, Don.

Here are some more pictures from our filming of A View from the Bridge for those who might not want to join myspace just to see pictures (ahem, ahem Tom Gordon, ahem ahem.)

Chris Riter (Director) and Ed French preparing for a shot.

Dave Goss (Marco)

Holly Micelli (Asst. Director and DePaul Intern) and Ed French in the back of our jeep. Who needs a dollie, yo?

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