Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Summer Winds Down: GreyZelda Update

(Edited 11/10/2007 - Kelly Breheny is playing the role of Catherine and Gene Van Dyke is playing the role of Mike/First Officer)

Hi, GreyZelda readers -

It's almost September. Sheesh. I'm feeling a sadness that I can put several fingers on but I won't get into that here ... I normally do those types of writings over at my Lady Crow myspace site and keep this blog for GreyZelda goings ons or thoughts on theatre and sech. If you want to visit me over in myspace land, please feel free. The link is right over there on the left. Rock it.

So ... updating, updating, updating.

We're heading over to Angel Island tomorrow night to sign the contract and put money down for The Skriker which will open in Thursday, April 17th and will run until Saturday, May 10th of 2008. We're looking forward to working with the Mary-Arrchie folks!

On Friday, Chris, me and his parents will be driving to West Virginia and we'll return on Sunday. We'll visit his grandma's grave and see his uncle as well as one of our dearest friends of all time, Matt Hedrick and his family.

Robert has been submitting music ideas to Chris and they're lovely. Robert and Kristen are located in Atlanta, GA, but working long distance really hasn't turned into an issue. The music is lovely. Ed's doing his thing in New York. I'm going to be talking to Sarah Stec soon about brochures and sech.

We have the majority of the cast for A View from the Bridge which is opening in January. Drum roll please!!!!

Eddie - Aris Tompulis
Beatrice - Nicolle Van Dyke
Catherine - Jenny Myers
Alfieria - Dave Lykins
Marco - Dave Goss
Rodolpho - Tom Gordon

Thank you to everyone who helped us during the readings! We're really looking forward to working with this cast and think that the process will be lots o' fun.

We still need to ask some peeps if they would be interested in the parts of Louis, Mike, and the other neighborhood characters. If you or someone you know would like to hang with us at GreyZelda and fill those roles ... primarily male ... please let us know. There'll be some serious "hangin' out" to be done with good people. Just email us at if you'd be interested.

What else, what else ... we need to get some fund raisers organized, so, again, if that's something you'd like to help with, do let us know!

Rock and roll. Enjoy the rest of your summer ... fall's knocking at the door..... this little crow girl loves fall, don't get me wrong, but ... I always miss summer.



Anonymous said...

i am sending a bulletin out to smu peeps for your interest in filling those other spots....Lz

GreyZelda Land said...

Cool! I got a headshot/resume from a chap today with SMU alumni in the subject line and wondered why ... I thought maybe he had meant to write MSU alumni and then thought that maybe he knew you were a member of the company - which he does! ... thanks for sending that bulletin!


Anonymous said...

cool! who was it? ~lz