Thursday, June 21, 2007

A View from the Bridge Reading

Heigh ho, friends -

We're going to be having a super casual reading of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge at the Casa GreyZelda this Saturday, June 23rd primarily to hear the play outloud and also to touch base with some of our GreyZelda peeps. We'll be serving some Italian tapas, wine, and Scotch in honor of the Carbone family in Brooklyn, NY.

The reading's going to start around 5pm. If you'd like to attend, we'd love to see you. Please give us a call at 773-427-1935 for location or send a message if we can expect you.

Auditions will happen during the early fall, so please stay tuned for announcements. The role of Eddie has already been cast with one of our favorite actors, Aris.

Our Readers:
Aris Tompoulis - Eddie
Nicolle Van Dyke - Beatrice
Morgan Manasa - Catherine
Gene Van Dyke - Alfieri
Ben Veatch - Marco
Tom Gordon - Rudolpho
Aaron Preusse - Louis, cop

We've got a lovely patio to hang out on, weather permitting. We look forward to seeing you!

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