Thursday, July 06, 2006

Scarlet Photos

We had a photo shoot in the afternoon of July 4th with Kim Katona, Meredith Lyons, Missy Styles, and the Mulch man. Meredith and her landlord graciously let her use the backyard, which set a perfect garden background. The ladies look beautiful. Missy is Hester Prynne and Meredith is Little Pearl. The makeshift costumes look alright, as well. You might remember them from One Flea Spare. They've been waiting for another opportunity to show themselves and jumped at the chance when it was offered. I kind of like Pearl wearing that dress . . . we will see, we will see. Stacie is the main girl with costumes, so we'll discuss and go from there.

Rehearsal is going well. We've had to improvise a bit because actors have been sick or working or seeing good music or this and that. We're doing alright, though. Chris pointed out that I've scheduled with some give time to accomodate potential cancellations, but after this week, we won't be able to continue doing that, as we're moving into piecing the scenes together.

We had a great rehearsal last night working a couple of the major movement sequences at the beginning of each acts and trying to figure out how to drape the curtains. Heath and Chris will be purchasing and constructing the curtains this weekend, so we'll have them to rehearse with on Monday night. Cool. Should be very fun figuring out interesting layouts. Chris will need to be there with us on Monday and Tuesday to assist with manipulations of the fabric, so that will be fun showing him this and that. I've told him about the different scenes we've worked on and explored, but I prefer showing the work as words can't begin to describe some of the gorgeousness the actors have come up with. Collaboration and creation are two of my favorite things and we've got them working for us each night.

So, that's where we are right now. We should be getting the postcards soon to start spreading the word. Meredith has been great at brainstorming for our fundraiser on July 23rd at Four Moon Tavern. We'll get a percentage of their sales. It's a quick and painless fundraiser, but a little bit goes a long way.

Rock and roll. Hope you're all doing well.



Elliott said...

Missy makes a good mommy. :-)

greyzelda said...

I concur. She's purty. I love how the green punches out.