Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Desire Under the Elms opens tomorrow!

It's looking good, everyone. The acting is dead on. The lights and the costumes look terrific. The house appears as if it's going to fall down around the actors, as it should. The lines get my gut everytime I hear them. I mean, how can you go wrong with "Bacon's bacon"? Bacon is bacon and it always will be.

We're close to selling out for tomorrow. It's easy to do with limited seating, but, hey, I'd rather have a full house every night then empty seats. It's a hell of a show. We have a hell of a crew. And Mulch is a hell of a director. And a sexy one , too.

So, make your reservations, friends, family, and neighbors. You won't be disappointed. It's one of those special little packages that you'll remember for a long time, I hope.

And I dance drunk. Say no more. Say no more.


And I want to send a shout out to Brandon and Cheryle. They taught me many things today and I thank them for being friends that can go up, around, and back again with me. I can't wait to see them at the show.


goose said...

You are correct. That man is one sexy director.

goose said...

You are correct. That man is one sexy director.


greyzelda said...

Sexy . . . oh, so sexy . . .I DESIRE him. DESIRE him under the elms.

When are you and your lady coming to the show? There's a superb Mexican restaurant right next door that we've been frequenting . . . we should meet you for Margaritas after!


goose said...

Not sure when we're going to come - guess it depends on when we can get a babysitter and what not. We'll let you know before, though, and we'd love to go out for drinks.